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Injectables 101! 

Check out this table to learn when and where we use filler vs Botox!

(This could be broken down even further considering Sculptra is really in a class of its own 🔥)

Just remember face filler is referred to in syringes, vials, or mLs, and neurotoxins are always UNITS 💉 

If you're new to these services, please dont get overwhelmed. please get a complimentary consult!
That's what they are for!

Our practitioners can help decide which product and treatment is right for you based on your aesthetic goals 🎯

Products Used
Avg. Amount Used Per Treatment
Dermal Filler- Face
For face sculpting!
Radiesse, Sculptra or Restylane
$625 - $699/ syringe
1 - 6 syringes
Dermal Filler- Lips
For lip plumping!
Restylane or Juvaderm
$390 - $625/mL
0.5 - 1 mL
For lines & wrinkles!
Botox, Dysport or Xeomin
$9- $14/ unit
20-65 units (Xeomin or Botox) 50-140 units (Dysport)
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